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You have 6 different run courses for you to choose from at the LAKES TRAIL FESTIVAL each offers a unique trail running experience. All runs will start and finish in Providence Bay Park beside Bennetts Beach Hawks Nest. The course will cover fire trails, forest tracks, lake side boardwalks, headlands, walking paths, sand dunes, beaches and road. You will experience a wide range of terrain and you will need skills and gear hacks to manage each one.

The 100km, 70km and 50km course will have checkpoints (CPs) with nutrition, water, medical and moral support. CP1 will be near Boomeri Campground, CP2 Seal Rocks Beach No.1, CP3 Dees Corner.


Fully Rad Adventures is committed to getting every one across the finish line however some cut offs will be necessary to ensure the safety of the event crew and runners. The 100km runners will have 30hrs to finish, 70km runners 22hrs, 50km runners 15hrs and 30km runners 7hrs. The last 100km runner will need to leave CP2 at Seal Rocks by midnight on Saturday night.

Please note that in bad weather, cut-offs may need to be brought forward during the event. If this happens changes will be clearly communicated at all checkpoints.


The 100km course has a total ascent of 414m and has a maximum elevation of 54m. The 70km has a total ascent of 177m and has a maximum elevation of 22m. The 50km a total ascent of 124m and has a maximum elevation of 212m. The 30km has a total ascent of 64m and has a maximum elevation of 22m.


The 100km race will start at the Myall Lakes National Park front gates at 7am sharp. Buses will run from Providence Bay Park Hawks Nest to the start line departing from 6am. It is a 6min drive. All other races will start at Providence Bay Park, Booner St, Hawks Nest. All races finish here.


Checkpoint 1

Boomeri Campground

Support crew permitted.

Water, Hammer electrolyte drink, fruit, salt, chips and lollies will be available.

For teams this will be the end point for runner 1 and the start point for runner 2


Checkpoint 2

Seal Rocks opposite Boat Beach

Support crew permitted.

Water, Hammer electrolyte drink, fruit, salt, chips, coke and lollies.

For teams this will be the end point for runner 2 and the start point for runner 3


Checkpoint 3

Dees Corner Carpark

Support crew permitted.

Water, Hammer electrolyte drink, fruit, salt, baked goods, chips, coke and lollies.

For teams this will be the end point for runner 3 and the start point for runner 4


A key part of your race will be nutrition and to help you with this we have partnered with Hammer Nutrition. You need to fuel your body so you can keep going. The crew at Hammer have built a page dedicated to fueling for ultra running. They have broken it down into 5 categories to make it as simple as possible and less daunting. These guys know their stuff, have been involved in endurance events for years now and have great products.






There will be four water stations on the course providing minimal sustenance, water and first aid.

Pipers Creek trailhead & Mungo Brush Rd (30k & 50k only)

End of Wildflower Walk on Mungo Brush Rd (50k, 70k & 100k)

End of Yagon Firetrail on Yagon Rd (100k only)

Dark Point carpark (30k, 50k, 70k & 100k)

Medical will be available at each checkpoint and the finish. First Aid will be available at each aid station. There will also be roving first aid crews on the course. There will be toilets and/or port-a-loos at the start and all checkpoints There are also toilets in the campgrounds along the route.


We will have a drop bag service to each checkpoint for runners without a support crew. Runners may use a mixture of support crew at some checkpoints and the drop bag service at other checkpoints. The drop bag service should not be used for any checkpoints that your support crew will definitely be at. Drop bags can be useful for extra food, gels, lube, fresh socks, clothing, batteries and spare head torch and for warm, dry clothing and footwear at the finish.

NB: Drop bags will not be transported to aid stations.


One drop bag per runner is permitted for each checkpoint. They must be closable and SOFT (Woollies/Coles Cool Bag is the best option). Plastic bags/garbage bags and plastic boxes are not permitted. Bags must be less than 20ltrs in volume and weigh less than 10kg. The finish drop bag can be as large as needed. Drop bags must not contain any glass and liquids must be limited + securely contained. Valuable items should not be left in drop bags.


All drop bags must be clearly marked with surname, race number and checkpoint location (ie CP1, CP2, CP3 or FINISH). Write on the drop bag with a thick permanent marker pen rather than trying to attach a label that may be ripped from your bag in transport and handling.


Drop bags need to be delivered to the checkpoint trailers at Providence Bay Park on the Saturday morning between 5am and 6am. You must not leave drop bags prior and unattended. It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure drop bags are placed into the correct trailer. Finish drop bags should be left in the designated area near the start line on the Saturday morning.


Drop bags will be returned to the drop bag marquee near the finish area as soon as possible once the CP has closed. It is the responsibility of runners to collect their drop bags from the finish. Any drop bags not collected by midday on the Sunday will be disposed of.

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